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Rheem 125L Electric Hot Water System


MODEL NO: 491125
Rheem 125L Electric Water Heater

No frills. No fancy features. The 125L is the perfect Rheem electric water heater for smaller families on a budget.


Installation Costs

* Labour (same location) * Parts - TPR safety and tempering valves (required by law) * Materials - pipe, fittings and consumables


Add-ons total:


Category: Electric
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  • Small diameter -480mm
  • Exclusive Rheem Ultranamel ® Class Y enamel protects the cylinder with a tough, durable coating.
  • Feature dual handed inlet and outlet fittings — for easy installation.
  • Dual handed connections
  • Mains pressure — so you can run the tap and the dishwasher at the same time.
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